To Play Or Not To Play, A Difficult Question

July 8, 2020

The closer we get to fall, the question gets asked more and more each day. Will we have football this year? In the grand scheme of things, if I'm being honest, whether or not we have football is not all that important. When looking at the big picture of the health and welfare of each citizen, we know we should be extra cautious. 

Do we need football?


There are many reasons we need football, as well as all the other team sports.

First of all, look at the financial reasons. NFL cities depend on game day dollars for their local economy as do college towns. The NFL can make money thru TV contracts as can some of the larger college conferences, so them playing without a crowd would not be a complete bust. Granted, the money made  from TV only cant compete with the amount of money made from a packed stadium, but they are looking at other ways to bring in income. Advertising on jerseys and extra signage at their stadiums may be seen this year. (if there are games)

High schools will be the biggest challenge. Many schools are already struggling with the economics of fielding football teams.  Without a crowd buying tickets and spending money at concession stands, where does a high school even begin to break even?

Now we must take a look at the health and safety concerns.

I think there might be ways to make the game safer for the players, through extended shields in helmets and other options that might be available. The fans are where the problem might be unmanageable at this time. There will not be a huge issue for fans to keep up with the games. Local radio stations across the country will air the games whether the crowd is there or not. Many schools had already started video streaming their games as well. Those venues are great for fans not in attendance, but do not help the school recoup any costs involved with hosting a game.

High schools will have to pay the cost of electricity for the stadium, pay officials, buy equipment and pay for their teams to travel. Those are just a few of the expenses that every school will face, if they play without fans.

Our Governor told us last week, if we want football, we need to start taking this seriously. Now, to be honest, I hate wearing a mask. but when I go into a restaurant, or anywhere that they ask me to wear a mask, I do. I need to do better. But I see countless people on social media, who are refusing to wear one. They claim it's their right, it's their body to do as they please. At first I agreed, but the longer this goes on, I'm not sure I do agree. If a person has no symptoms, but has the virus, should they be allowed to wander freely among us, mask free, spreading their germs all along their path? I have even heard a few say, "If you're wearing a mask, why should I have to wear one?" The answer to this is simple. Airborne droplets don't just transfer from person to person. They get on surfaces too. 

Enough about masks. I guess what I'm saying is as much as I hope and pray this pandemic comes to a swift end, I don't see us having a normal football season this year. I think we can have games, but the communities will need to get behind their teams and do whatever it takes to make it happen, in a safe manner. 

So, if a booster club for your team has a car wash or a bake sale or any kind of fundraiser this year to offset the expenses this year might cause, help them out. 

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